Individual Training

In this high-intensity performance environment, players will be challenged physically and technically through various individual/group exercises that simulate game-like scenarios. Players will have the opportunity to experiment their skills under pressure to become a more efficient and creative player.

All sessions are instructed by a qualified PrimeTime Training Coach, who will carry out an initial evaluation session. The evaluation will address the specific aspects of the players’ game that could be improved and realistic goals for each player. Following the evaluation, our PrimeTime Training coach will sit down with the player to create a personalized development.

Training Sessions

$ 0.00

Training Features

Technical Training

Dribbling, passing, kicking, defending, 1st touch.

Game Understanding

Tactical awareness, vision, movement off the ball.

Strength & Conditioning

Aerobic/anaerobic fitness, speed & agility, injury prevention, nutritional insight.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?