We Ship Your Cars
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Sutton Hauling Inc. is here to do facilitate your dealer trades. We have two 3 car carriers that allow us to have your swaps one quick and efficiently . These units are constantly moving vehicles around the northeast from Buffalo to Boston to Baltimore we have you covered. We also have full sized carriers for auction purchases. Our goal is to have your vehicles to you as quickly as possible allowing you to market them faster and sell more vehicles. Your customers will appreciate our timeframes allowing them to plan for when there vehicles arrive.
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You may see us at your dealership delivering new cars as we are an approved carrier for many OEMs. Chyrsler, Dodge, Nissan, Ford, Honda, and GM to name a few. We stand behind our service and in the unfortunate event a problem does occur you can trust we will work with you to find a solution. Our client relationships are our #1 priority.
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Call Sean Sutton today to make stressful shipping a thing of the past!

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    Freightliner and Boydstun 11 car carrier

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    Peterbilt and Suncountry 6 car carrier

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    Ford F-450 and Kaufman 3 car carrier

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    Freightliner and Delavan 10 car carrier